"I drive a truck because of my dad, a driver for roughly 40 years. Just like any other son I idolized him and tried to follow in his footsteps. Every boy wants to make his dad proud. I put so much into the truck to show a standard. When my customers see it, they know their product will be taken care of just as well as my equipment. This is our first SuperRigs®. I've followed it but never thought I would have anything nice enough to come. We run Shell Rotella® T4 and have for years. It's pretty much a go-to for us. The reliability is wonderful."

— Jimmy Ganski, Shantytown, WI
"We are second (Matt) and third (Trevor) generation truckers, buddies, and both just had sons 2 1/2 weeks ago. Our wives were getting sick of us sitting around the house, so we loaded up the truck and the cleaning supplies and here we are. We went with the cabover because they're cool, something different you don't see every day. They're fun to drive. They make it challenging. You feel like you're falling off the road sometimes because they're so wide. We use Shell Rotella® T4. It really works good in these old motors and keeps them going. Never had any issues with anything."

— Trevor Timblin & Matt Prunty, West Bend, WI
"I started trucking about 16 years ago. My mom, a second-generation driver, taught me how to drive – best teacher ever! This truck is a 389, but has a 379 hood and grill on it. You don't see that very often. It has a Cummins X15 565, 315 wheelbase, AirRock suspension, lowered cab, and custom button-tuck interior, which is normally in a Kenworth. This is my third SuperRigs,® first calendar. Honestly, I was shocked. You're nervous for days. It's one of the main reasons for coming here. Shell Rotella® T4 is all we've ever used. Always does a great job. Never had any problems."

—Darek Joubert (driving for TraLo), Garner, IA